Autism / PDD

Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) are diagnosed at a young age and are characterized by delays in communication and socialization. Autism is the most commonly known PDD, as well as Asperger’s syndrome and those that fall in the autism spectrum. Other PDDs include Rett syndrome, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS).
Learn the signs and symptoms of Autism and other PDDs. Read articles on the causes of autism, new research and treatment methods and more. Connect with peers, professionals and those with friends and family members diagnosed with Autism and other PDDs. Read and comment on articles to share your view!

Why is Autism More Common in Boys? Causes & Theories

Autism statistics show that four times as many boys than girls are diagnosed with the disorder. There are several theories as to why autism in boys appears to be more prevalent than autism in girls. These theories involve both genetic factors and differences in how each gender displays symptoms.

Toilet Training Autistic Children

Most parents look forward to the day when their children are out of diapers and can use the toilet on their own. However, with an autistic child, this goal can be a little harder to accomplish. Here are some tips for helping your autistic child gain toileting independence.

Diagnosing Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome is characterized as a neurological disorder. This disorder is a condition that is in the family of Autism. In this article we will look at how Asperger Syndrome is diagnosed.

Alternative Therapy for Treating Autism

Autism is becoming a serious problem in children today. There are many drugs that children can be put on but dangerous prescriptions are not the only option. Learn about all natural, herbal and alternative therapies for autism that are safe and effective.