Meal Replacement Shake Diets

Meal replacement shake diets can be a good option for those interested in weight loss or diet supplementation. For best results, the shakes should be used only once per day. Consuming more than one shake each day can, in some cases, be life threatening.

Which Diet Frozen Meals Are Best?

Which diet frozen meals are best? It is important to keep a few basic guidelines in mind. For example, dieters should look for meals that are low in fat and calories, and contain high amounts of fruits, vegetables and lean meats.

4 Meal a Day Diet Plan

Planning a meal can be quite difficult, especially for those who work outside the home. This article describes some of the best foods that can be used for creating 4 meal a day diet plans.

Easy Complete Protein Meals: Sample Ideas

Complete protein meals are generally considered to be those that are vegetarian, while still providing all necessary amino acids. Some of the best complete protein meals include peanut butter sandwiches, and other meals that contain beans and rice, or pasta and broccoli.

Wheat Germ Nutrition Information

Wheat germ is a healthy food that is rapidly growing in popularity. Its benefits include both a high fiber and carbohydrate content. For best results, it should be eaten with protein rich food, as it is somewhat deficient in this nutrient. Read on for wheat germ nutrition information.

Foods For a Healthy Liver

While we are often told what we should avoid eating in order to prevent liver damage, we aren’t always told what foods are good for our liver. Below are some great foods for a healthy liver.

Benefits of Biotin

Biotin is a part of the B-Vitamin family. While this vitamin is not commonly discussed, its benefits range from providing energy to preventing yeast infections. Try some out today!

Foods to Eat if Anemic

By eating the right foods, it is possible to prevent and even treat anemia. Understanding what foods contain iron, taking the time to read labels for iron content, and learning what foods to eat if anemic are three important steps in the treatment of this life-altering disease.


At one time or another, everyone has suffered from constipation. By keeping a few basic guidelines in mind, you can learn what foods to eat for constipation so you’ll never suffer from this annoying problem again.