Linda Richter

Comparing Meal Replacement Bars: Six Picks

If you’re comparing meal replacement bars looking for a nutritious meal on the go, you’ve got to consider whether you want something that’s got true grit or just granola. Here you can read about five different products, each of which claims its own little piece of the market.

The Glycemic Index of Popular Foods

If you monitor the carbohydrates that you eat, you may already have heard of the glycemic index and how it can help you to distinguish good carbs from bad ones. This article lists the glycemic index of popular foods, including the low, medium, and high ranges of the index.

Resolving Sleep Deprivation and Attention Deficits

Maybe you’re concerned about your ADHD child’s sleeplessness. Or perhaps your child has not been diagnosed with ADHD, but you’re afraid that nocturnal restlessness and daytime lack of focus are pointing toward a diagnosis. Either way, your current goal is to tackle his or her sleep deprivation.