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Treatment for Plasma Cell Leukemia

Plasma cell leukemia (PCL) is a rare form of cancer that occurs due to an abnormal proliferation of the plasma cells in the bloodstream. Chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation are two of the major treatment options in use nowadays.

Prostate Cancer Cryosurgery as a Treatment Option

Prostate cancer cryosurgery is one of the effective treatment options for early stages of the disease when the cancer is confined only to the prostate gland. It results in fewer side effects compared to the standard treatment procedures such as surgery or radiation.

What do Tumor Marker Fluctuations Indicate?

Tumor marker fluctuations can help in detection of cancer. Tumor markers are measurable bio-chemicals that play a significant role in monitoring the treatment of a cancer patient. Sometimes they can also help in identifying the recurrence of cancer.

Various Types of Sarcoma

Learn about the different types of sarcoma that can affect people in different age groups. Each sarcoma needs a different diagnosis and specialized treatment.