How to Combine Birthing Ball Exercises and Labor and Birth

A birthing ball is simply a large exercise ball that pregnant women use during labor. Though it may sound odd, a birthing ball and labor is a great combination, depending on the birthing ball balls policy at your hospital. Birthing balls can help your contractions become more manageable and easier.

How to do Exercise Ball Workouts During Pregnancy

An exercise or a birthing ball is a must have for pregnant women. Doing exercise ball workouts during pregnancy help decrease pregnancy discomforts and prepare the body for labor and birth. Learn more about exercise ball exercises you can do during pregnancy such as pelvic tilts with a ball.

Foods High in Zinc and Health Benefits of Zinc

Health benefits of zinc include a stronger immune system and faster healing from cuts and bruises. While you can take supplements to increase your zinc levels, doctors agree it’s best to get the vitamins and minerals you need from the foods you eat. Luckily, it’s easy to eat foods high in zinc.

At Home Remedies for Swollen Ankles during Pregnancy

Any woman who’s ever been pregnant has dealt with swollen ankles during pregnancy. In fact, a little swelling is normal. But there are some things you can do to alleviate the worst of the swelling such as wearing support hose, exercising during pregnancy and drinking more water.

Find a Natural & Pregnancy-Safe Heartburn Treatment

Heartburn during pregnancy is common, especially in the third trimester as the baby puts pressure on the stomach and hormones cause muscles to loosen. Fortunately, there are pregnancy-safe heartburn treatment options and prevention methods.

Alternative Ways to Prevent Cancer

Everyone is looking for ways to prevent cancer and luckily there are some natural things you can try to prevent cancer or even kill cancer cells. Many people swear by the Budwig diet, some by green tea and others by modified citrus pectin (MCP). Learn more about natural ways to prevent cancer.

Eating Healthy During a Pregnancy with Twins

Women pregnant with twins will need to pay special attention to their diet. They need extra calories and nutrition to make sure their pregnancy with twins is as healthy as possible. Find out what the average weight gain during pregnancy with twins should be and how to eat healthy.

5 Natural Ways to Heal Scars Naturally

While scars are a minor problem for most people, scars in obvious places can be embarrassing. While the best way to heal scars is to prevent scars, there are some ways to heal scars naturally. Find out more about how to soften scars using natural remedies such as aloe vera and Vitamin E.

What to Eat While Pregnant

Every pregnant women knows that she can’t diet during her pregnancy. But how many calories during pregnancy is right? And what are the best foods to eat during pregnancy? And are there foods like feta cheese and fish high in mercury that she’s supposed to avoid?

Can You Eat Fish While Pregnant?

It surprises many women, but some fish and pregnancy can not be combined. Pregnant women need to avoid some fish in pregnancy due to mercury pollution. Mercury in fish can lead to birth defects. However, fish is an important addition to a pregnant woman’s diet as it contains omega-3s.

Cancer Prevention with Green Tea

Lately green tea and cancer prevention are spoken about in the same sentence. So how does green tea prevent cancer? Find out more about the antioxidants in green tea and why green tea is such a big deal to the cancer industry.