Alicia Miller

Phobia of People – Tips on How to Conquer Your Fear

Social phobia is a condition that causes overwhelming anxiety and fear, especially the fear of being judged by others. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer endlessly. There are treatments that can help you conquer your phobia of people allowing you to enjoy social settings.

About the Signs of Manic Depression

Manic depression is the older name used to describe the condition currently referred to as bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can be a difficult condition to diagnose, as the symptoms and signs can resemble those of other mental health disorders.

Symptoms and Signs of Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is a term commonly used to refer to one of several types of clinical depression. The most common are major depressive disorder and dysthymia. In this article, you will learn about the signs and symptoms of these two different forms of clinical depression

Helping a Child with Severe Depression

A child with severe depression may have difficulty admitting that they feel depressed and experience trouble identifying their symptoms. In this article, you’ll learn ways to identify depression in children and how you can help a depressed child.

Types of Childhood Anxiety Disorders

Childhood anxiety disorders affect a surprising number of children each year. There are several main anxiety disorders in children that produce a wide variety of symptoms. In this article, you’ll learn the ways in which children are affected by these types of anxiety disorders.

Facts about Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is not just feeling occasionally sad or down in the dumps. It is a serious mental illness that can severely impact your overall mental and physical health and quality of life. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most interesting facts about clinical depression.