Sarah Mitchell

Signs of Rectal Cancer

Rectal cancer is often curable when diagnosed and treated promptly. Symptoms and signs of rectal cancer are not always present; in fact, an individual may remain asymptomatic while silently suffering. Regular screenings are highly recommended for those with at-risk factors.

Skin Cancer: Metastatic Melanoma Chemo Drugs

While the prognosis for metastatic melanoma sufferers is often bleak, treatment options are available to help relieve their pain and prolong their lives. Chemotherapy is often the first choice of doctors, with different chemotherapeutic drug combination options available.

Malignant Melanoma in Situ: Stage 0 Skin Cancer

While skin cancer is on the rise, few understand the basic anatomy of the epidermis – the layer of skin afflicted with this disease – and the stages of malignant melanoma. Learn about malignant melanoma in situ, the tiers within the epidermis and treatment options available for sufferers.