What is Dysthymia?

Your doctor says you have dysthymia and you want to know what it is. Also known as dysthymic disorder or low-level depression, it has many symptoms including feelings of hopelessness, changes in appetite and an inability to make decisions.

Understanding Dementophobia

Dementophobia is the specific fear of insanity or becoming certifiably insane to the point where a patient cannot enjoy normal life. A person can get dementophobia even if there is no cause for that person to believe he or she has mental illness.

Multiple Personality Disorder Symptoms

Multiple personality disorder symptoms include chronic pains, audio hallucinations, amnesia, a persistent sense of unreality, mood swings and the development of one or more altered personalities. Patients can also suffer from depression and substance abuse.

How to deal with food phobias in children

Also called food aversion, food phobia is a fear of specific or even all food and liquids. The fear is not of the food, but of the potential to vomit or choke on the food. A combination of hospitalization and behavioral conditioning can help treat food phobia.