Olive Estrella Coronado

Hyperactivity in Children

Ever experienced handling a kid who cannot sit still, always has a need to move about, and does not seem to run out of energy? Such hyperactivity in children is very common among those who are diagnosed with the behavioral condition attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

List of ADHD Symptoms in Children

Sometimes, it may seem difficult to tell if a child really has ADHD or not. Each child is different and can have varying symptoms. Would you like to know the list of ADHD symptoms in children? Read on to learn more.

Driving and Attention Deficit Disorder

Teenagers, especially the excited first-time drivers and those who are inexperienced, tend to be careless and indecisive on the road. The risk involved greatly increases for those with ADD and ADHD.

How ADHD Affects Emotional Development

Mood swings. Anxiety attacks. Tantrums. Sensitivity to Criticism. ADHD children do not only display hyperactivity and inattentiveness, but also exhibit delay in their emotional maturity. Learn more about the strong connection between ADHD and emotional development.

Outdoor Therapy for ADHD Children

Why is it better to have ADHD kids exercise in a green, open field rather than an indoor gym? Why is it healthier to have them go hiking in the wilderness instead of playing a board game at home? How can activities such as these benefit them? Find out the value of outdoor therapy for ADHD children.