Nicky LaMarco

Hand Exercises for Computer Users

Working with your hands all day, especially typing, can lead to arthritis or carpal tunnel. One great way to keep those cramps at bay and to reduce your chances of getting arthritis is to do some hand exercises throughout your work day.

Healing the Body with the Mind

The mind has many ways of being a natural healing power, but not everyone knows how to get everything their mind offers for the best healing available. With natural healing you will have the ability to take control of the illness and wellness that your body and mind experiences.

What is Aspartame & Is It Bad for You?

Aspartame, also known by the brand names NutraSweet and Equal, are artificial sweeteners found in many popular foods, especially diet soda and soft drinks. The safety of this sweetener, as well as others, has come under fire recently. Aspartame is not the safest sweetener on the market. Here is why.

The Britney Spears Workout Routine

Although celebrity workouts are a common topic of interest among those who seek to look like their favorite singers and actresses, nobody has gained more attention in recent months than Britney Spears. What tips can you learn from the Britney Spears workout routine?