Nicky LaMarco

Germ Phobia Treatments: Helping You Overcome your Fear

Incessantly washing hands, scrubbing surfaces in the home, and avoiding door handles — that is a peek into the life of someone who has a germ phobia. It’s also called spermophobia or mysophobia, and means the sufferer has a certain type of obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD.

Panic Attacks in Young Children

It can be difficult to notice panic attacks in young children, because they cannot find the words to tell someone what they are feeling. Most adults have a hard time telling someone about their panic attacks, or even knowing what is happening to them. It is important to know the signs and symptoms.

5 Exercises To Help You Jump Higher

Many sports require you to jump higher such as basketball, cheerleading, track, volleyball, and more. Train hard and use these exercises to help you jump higher. Vertical jump training can help you dominate your sport and become a more valuable teammate.

Why Use Proper Form When Exercising?

Using the proper form when exercising is vital for a number of reasons: to prevent injuries, proper use of energy, use the right muscles, and have effective exercises. Proper form when exercising makes for a more rounded workout from which you will get more effective training.

Choosing the Best Yoga Mats

Yoga is a wonderful exercise that requires very little equipment. However, the one thing you will need is a good yoga mat. When you use a mat, you’ll have a soft cushioned surface on which you can practice your yoga poses.

Why is drinking enough water so important?

It is common knowledge that a reasonable level of hydration is acquired by the consumption of two litters of water per day. Why is drinking enough water so important? For such assertion to be accurate, we should all be of the same size, weight, metabolism and health condition.