Terry Caron

The Physical and Health Benefits of Equestrian Activities.

Horses are beautiful animals that are fun and amazing to watch. They have also been active in the progressive evolution of our industries, transportation, and more and more our overall health. There are numerous equestrian activities that are fun and great forms of exercise. Here we discuss a few.

Learning How to Play Football.

The game of football originated centuries ago, however, the most modern version of this game began in 12th century England. American football has become the most popular version of the sport and draws in fans, from all over the country, to watch their favorite teams battle it out on the grid-iron.

The Basic Rules of Baseball.

Baseball, also known as Americas Sport is fun to watch and play. Even this great sport can be difficult to understand or play without some knowledge of the basic rules of baseball. Over the next few paragraphs we are going to go over some of the basic rules of baseball.

Junior Netball Drills for Passing, Offense and Defense.

Junior netball can be fun and exciting to play. One of the biggest challenges that parents have about their children playing junior netball is the difficulty in learning the game and gaining the basic skills. Here are some drills for junior netball that will help with those basic netball skills.

List of Drills for Netball Dodging Techniques.

Netball is fun to play and a great way to stay in shape. One of the most important skills in netball offense is dodging. Dodging skills allow players to get free from the defense and open to receive a pass. Listed here are some drills to help improve your netball dodging skills.

How Stretching can Improve your Golf Swing.

Whether you’re an avid or casual golfer you are probably looking for ways of improving in golf by stretching. Here are some tips that aren’t often found in the typical swing sessions and driving ranges but will improve your golf swing and enjoyment of the game.

List of Free Aquatic Exercise Routines

Aquatic exercises are great for burning calories, toning, building lean muscle, and all around health and enjoyment. This list of free aquatic exercise routines will provide a fun water workout that can be done year round and is extremely efficient.

Description of Hockey Speed and Agility Drills

When you start playing hockey, you quickly realize that skating is not as easy as it looks. To skate on the ice at the frantic pace that hockey players do requires a lot of speed and agility. Coaches have their players perform hockey speed and agility drills to improve these skills.