Nichole Bolton

Eating Disorder Activities for Recovery

Eating disorders can take over one’s entire life, and they are not easy to recover from. Finding eating disorder activities for recovery is a great step that one can take when they decide to get better from their eating disorder. Recovery can be started with a journal, or therapy may be necessary.

Overcoming the Barriers in Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has many health and emotional benefits to both a new mother and her baby. While most women are able to breastfeed successfully, there are some problems that can arise that make it difficult. Overcoming the barriers in breastfeeding helps to ensure that moms nurse as long as possible.

When to Eat When Working Out

When following a fitness regime, it is important to eat enough throughout the day to provide the body with energy. Knowing when to eat when working out is important, as it can ensure the best possible workout and faster results.

When is the Best Time to Work Out?

When starting an exercise plan, it is common to wonder, “When is the best time to work out?” Some people prefer exercise in the morning, while others enjoy it later in the day. Because of different preferences, opinions on the ideal exercise time vary depending on who is asked.

How Often Should I Work Out?

Exercise can be performed at different frequencies depending on the fitness level of the person working out, and different workout frequencies have different results. Some people exercise every other day, while others work out daily.

About Cervical Mucus After Ovulation

Natural family planning is the act of charting natural fertility signs as a means of birth control of planning a baby. This method involves tracking changes in the cervix, such as cervical mucus changes. Cervical mucus after ovulation can tell a woman when she is no longer fertile each month.

Choosing Breakfast Foods High in Protein

Protein is essential in many functions of the body, including repairing muscle damage and helping the body to fight of illnesses. Finding breakfast foods high in protein is easy, and those foods can ensure that the body receives a high energy boost and feels good all day long.

Two Popular Low Carb Diet Plans

The Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet are two popular low carb diet plans. Each one has phases, which include foods that should be consumed and foods that should be avoided.

About Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

Eating foods in their pure, uncooked state is referred to as a raw food diet. Dieters with this way of eating only consume organic, fresh foods. This way of eating can contribute to weight loss and other health benefits.

Male Anorexic Treatment Options

Male anorexics struggle with the same symptoms as women – emotional difficulties, anxiety surrounding food, social withdrawal and many poor effects on their body and health. This article looks at some of the treatment options for male anorexia.

Helpful List of Fat Burning Foods

Weight loss does not come easily, but there are ways that people can make sure they are getting maximum results from their diet and exercise. Dieters who want to lose weight quickly and keep it off should try these fat burning foods to boost their metabolism and burn off stubborn body fat.

About the Lemonade Diet Ingredients

The lemonade diet is a popular detox used to remove toxins from the body and provide fast weight loss. Each ingredient used in the lemonade diet provides a different effect within the detox, making each one an essential piece to following the Master Cleanse detox diet.

Atkins Diet Tips and Hints

Atkins diet tips and hints can help to make the experience a positive one and avoid any of the associated side effects. Learn how to quickly put your body into fat burning mode while avoiding aches and pains.

Understanding Paxil OCD Treatment

Obsessive compulsive disorder is marked by extreme obsessions and compulsions used to try to prevent bad events from occurring. Paxil OCD treatment is often used to relieve symptoms related to underlying anxiety problems.

Anorexia Tips for Getting Better

Anorexia is marked by a severe weight loss and lack of interest in food. This eating disorder can have severe effects on someone’s health, even leading to death. By following anorexia tips for recovery, it is possible to get better at home or with the help of a professional.