Mita Majumdar

Kidney Failure Diet

Patients suffering from chronic kidney failure need to be very careful about their diet, especially in the later stages of this disease. They will have to restrict fluid intake, limit proteins and cut back on salt.

Atkins Diet Snacks

If you are on a low-carb diet, plan ahead and keep Atkins diet snacks on hand. Going for low-carb bars and nuts may be convenient, but when possible, aim for more balanced snacks that contain protein as well as fiber.

Ranier Cherry Nutrition Information

Indulge in the seasonal delicacy of sweet Rainier cherries without worrying if it’s going to raise your blood sugar levels. Let’s examine Ranier cherry nutrition information to help you understand why they will not affect blood glucose levels.

Storing habanero peppers

Habanero peppers are known for their fiery, spicy taste. While storing them it is important to retain their flavor and aroma. Storing habanero peppers is not that difficult.They can be stored fresh, dry, or preserved by freezing or canning.