Leigh A. Zaykoski

A List of Foods Containing Vitamin A

Vitamin A improves vision and helps the human body fight off some viral infections. Eating foods that contain adequate amounts of vitamin A will prevent a deficiency of this nutrient. Use this list of foods containing vitamin A to plan a healthy diet.

Use Good Dieting Tips That Work to Lose Weight Successfully

Many people attempt to start a diet plan and then never follow through. Whether it’s a lack of time to cook healthy meals or a lack of knowledge about portion control, losing weight often proves difficult. Use these good dieting tips that work to improve your chances of weight loss success.

The Most Common Causes of Back Pain Explained

Back pain affects almost everyone at some point. From muscle spasms after heavy physical activity, to more serious back problems, the most common causes of back pain should encourage you to seek medical treatment.

Learn About the Most Common Chemotherapy Drugs for Cancer

The American Cancer Society defines cancer as the out-of-control growth of cells in a part of the body. Chemotherapy involves the use of chemical agents that kill cancer cells to prevent the spread of cancer into other tissues. Doctors use several common chemotherapy drugs for cancer.