Lynn-nore Chittom

Diagnosing ADHD in Adults: Recognizing the Symptoms

Although attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is sometimes viewed as a childhood problem, adults also suffer from the many defining characteristics of this condition. The problem lies in recognizing the signs and getting a proper diagnosis. Read on for a clearer picture of adult ADHD.

ADHD Children Behavior Characteristics

Hyperactivity, lack of attention, and forgetfulness are all symptoms which can be common occurrences seen in ADHD children behavior. Behavior issues and trouble in school can often bring these symptoms to light. Read on to learn more about the typical behaviors of children with ADHD.

Common Symptoms of ADHD

Sorting through the most common symptoms of ADHD to familiarize yourself with the disorder does not have to be a difficult or time consuming process. Read on to see a list of the most common symptoms of ADHD.

ADHD and High IQ: A Compelling Story

Parents sometimes wonder if their children can have both ADHD and High IQ levels. The answer is they can, and they often do. Read on for answers to common questions about the relationship between ADHD and intelligence.

ADHD Assessment Tests

Parents sometimes suspect that their child has ADHD but are unsure of what to do and how to proceed with their concerns. This article provides valuable information on ADHD assessment tests and the evaluation process of diagnosing this disorder.

Attention Deficit Disorder in Girls

While there is a commonly accepted list of symptoms for attention deficit disorder, girls with ADHD tend to present slightly different than boys. This article addresses the particular symptoms and most effective treatment options for girls with ADHD.

The Medical Basis for ADHD

While there are those who still believe that ADHD is primarily a behavioral problem limited by social constructs, doctors and other medical professionals have established a real medical basis for ADHD.

ADHD and Temper Tantrums

Addressing ADHD and temper tantrums is a challenging task for any parent. Tantrums can be emotionally and physically exhausting for both parent and child. This article provides tips and suggestions on how to deal with these difficult situations.