Larry M. Lynch

Foods Good for the Liver

An unhealthy, malfunctioning liver is not painful but can cause a range of health ailments such as indigestion, constipation, skin rashes, weight gain and even sinus or allergy problems. Nurture the liver with these foods good for the liver.

Eating on a Budget – Tips for Traveling Abroad

Our most enjoyable times can be had during travel abroad. New sights, sounds, and tastes await at almost every turn, so don’t let food poisoning or “tainted” food spoil your foreign travel experience. Use these suggestions instead, to help find, identify and enjoy safe, economical healthy meals.

Beer Diet for Men – Health Benefits of Beer

A great barrier to virtually any diet is noting all the “you can’t haves” associated with dieting. This can be disheartening for men who often eat “less delicately” than women do. One of the first “rules” of many diets is “no alcoholic beverages”. Not on this diet.

Senior Nutrition Needs – Over 50 Health & Nutrition Tips

Just because you’ve passed half a century of life doesn’t mean you’re not able to improve your health, get in better shape and sharpen up your mind as well. Try these helpful tips and techniques to continue to enjoy a fruitful life. They say, “you are what you eat”. So take this advice starting now.

Top 5 Key Tips for Successfull Weight Loss in Women

Is your weigh loss program going successfully? If not, you may be stalled by any number of reasons. To get back on the right track to a successful weight loss program you should consider these 5 critical factors for effective fat loss in women. And yes, they do also work for weight loss in men too.

3 Effective Weight Loss Strategies & Plans that Really Work

Want to lose weight? You need to consider why you need to lose weight and how you should do it. While there are many ways to do so including special diets, exercise routines, programs and even fasts, which one is right for you? Here are three simple, everyday weight loss programs that get it done.