A Look at Foods That Improve Your Mood

If you’re feeling depressed, grumpy, crabby or generally in a rotten mood, it’s possible that your emotional state could be related to your food choices. But it also could be what you’re not eating. Let’s explore the foods that improve your mood, and those that, in the long run, don’t really help.

Gluten Free Meals

If you or someone in your family cannot digest the gluten proteins found in certain grains (wheat, barley and rye) either because of celiac disease or gluten intolerance, it can be difficult to plan gluten-free meals. Here are some ideas for meal planning that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Foods That Cause Asthma Attacks

Many irritants can trigger the wheezing and shortness of breath typical of an asthma attack, including some foods. Although food-induced attacks are uncommon, it makes sense to look at anything that could trigger your asthma. Let’s look at some of these foods that cause asthma attacks.

Drinking Soda Is Bad For You

You pop open a cola at lunch, another during your afternoon break, and automatically reach for a bottle or two of soda when you go grocery shopping. However, how is all this soda affecting your health? Here are the many ways that drinking soda is bad for you.

Does Diet Soda Cause Cancer?

If you drink diet soda, have you ever wondered about the chemicals in each fizzy sip? Or even asked yourself, does diet soda cause cancer? Let’s talk about the chemicals in diet soda and what various studies have had to say about them.

World’s Healthiest Vegetables

It seems like new evidence sprouts daily on why we should be eating more veggies. But which ones? And how do you know which are the most nutritious? Here are seven of the world’s healthiest vegetables. Maybe you’ll find a few among your favorites, and some you’ll want to try.

Unhealthy Food in Vending Machines

Your afternoon energy slump hits, and you want a snack that isn’t going to blow your diet. But your only option is to raid the break room machines in your office or school. There’s so much unhealthy food in vending machines. How can you tell which choices are the best?

Red Dye Allergies: Sources and Treatment Options

Artificial and natural dyes, pervasive in processed foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, are suspect in a variety of health problems. Red Dye #2 has already been banned. Other dyes have been implicated in cases of allergies, asthma, and ADHD in children. But let’s discuss red dye allergies.

Difference Between Cold and Allergies

You’re so congested, you feel like your head’s going to explode. You can’t stop coughing, and you’ve used up all the tissues on your sore, drippy nose. Is this a cold, or a bad case of allergies? How can you tell the difference between cold and allergies?

Omega 3 and Arthritis

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in cold-water, oily fish like salmon and in fish oil supplements, may reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Let’s explore what omega-3 fatty acids are, their role in nutrition, and the link between omega-3 and arthritis.

Causes of Nickel Allergy

Allergic to jewelry? It’s possible. Prolonged contact with metals containing nickel can result in itchy, painful dermatitis in some people. Here are the most common causes of nickel allergy and how to avoid them. You’ll also learn the symptoms of nickel allergy and how to treat that annoying rash.

Ten Best Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is easy, right? Just eat less and exercise more. Well, technically, yes, that’s the way it works. But it’s hard work. And sometimes it’s so hard you might be tempted to quit. Here are ten of the best weight loss tips to help you keep working toward your goal.