Elizabeth Stannard Gromisch

What are the Symptoms of Leukemia in Children?

A cancer of the white blood cells, leukemia causes a large amount of abnormal white blood cells to be made in the bone marrow. Leukemia makes up around 25 percent of childhood cancers, according to KidsHealth from Nemours. Learn about the symptoms of leukemia in children.

The Signs of Depression in Men

While they tend to be quiet about their symptoms, men do suffer from depression. Their symptoms differ from women and they may cope with their problems in other ways, such as with alcohol. Learn about the symptoms of depression in men.

About the Risk Behaviors of Attention Deficit Disorder

Patients with attention deficit disorder have symptoms that affect their ability to pay attention and they may also have problems controlling their behavior. These issues can increase the frequency of risk behaviors. Learn about the risk behaviors of attention deficit disorder in this article.

What Causes Congenital Heart Failure?

When a person has congestive heart failure, her heart cannot pump enough blood to the rest of her body. But what causes congestive heart failure? Learn about the different causes of congestive heart failure and how they affect the heart’s function.

What is a Phobia? Insights and Answers

The National Institute of Mental Health states that about 40 million adults in the United States have an anxiety disorder, including specific phobias, social phobia and agoraphobia. But what is a phobia? It is more than just a fear — it is excessive or unreasonable, interfering in patients’ lives.