Kathy Foust

High Tibial Osteotomy

The high tibial osteotomy procedure has become fairly common, but some people may not know what it entails. Read here to learn more about this procedure on order to understand what to expect.


Those who are preparing for an angiectomy may be looking for answers prior to undergoing the procedure. Some of those answers can be found by reading the information here about the procedure and why it is done.


A patient who is about to undergo a sinusotomy has a responsibility to learn what the procedure entails. Patients about to go through this procedure should read below so that they will know what to expect and how to prepare.


People who are going to go through the procedure of cryoanalgesia may have many questions. Some of those questions can be answered by reading the guide below that explains what this procedure is and why it is done.

Lumbar Endoscopic Discectomy

Read here to learn about the lumbar endoscopic discectomy and what you should expect so that you can prepare yourself of a loved one for this procedure. Use the information here to guide you as you create questions to ask your doctor so you are well informed.

What is Hypomania?

The stigma of bipolar disorder is not less than the stigma of the terms associated with bipolar disorder, such as hypomania. Read below to learn how to recognize hypomania and to understand what it means.

What is Acrophobia?

Acrophobia is easily defined and not so easily understood by those who don’t share the phobia. Read below learn what acrophobia is as well as some explanation of where it originates from.