Dr. Jerry Kennard

What are Mood Disorders?

What do we know about mood disorders and what have we yet to learn? Find out more about what it means to have a mood disorder, the associated symptoms and the questions yet to be answered.

Spotlight on Immature Personality Disorder

Most adults retain elements of their younger and immature selves but they can easily distinguish between these and what is expected of them. People with an immature personality disorder have been likened to a child inside the body of an adult, with all the subsequent ramifications this involves.

Spotlight on Common Personality Disorders

Personality disorders represent an exaggeration of personality, the effects of which may be disruptive, distressing or even harmful to the individual and those around them. This article focuses on the common personality disorders and offers a few words of caution about reading too much into them.

Warning Signs of Depression in Older Men

As men age their risk of depression increases. Late-life depression is poorly understood and often overlooked, yet the highest rate of suicide in the U.S. is among older men. This article takes a look at just some of the warning signs to watch out for.