A. Jitesh

Chronic Asthma: Natural Treatment Can Do Wonders!

Are you an asthma patient who dreads the constant tablets and inhalers? Are you worried the disease will make you dependent on medicines for ever? Fret not, as you’ve reached the right page. This article introduces you to a unique way to deal with chronic asthma: natural treatment.

Lung Cancer Radiation Therapy: A Brief Update

Lung cancer is a disease in which the control over normal growth of cells is lost and the lung cells multiply rapidly and extend into the surrounding tissues outside the lung. It is a fatal condition if left untreated. Lung cancer radiation therapy uses X-rays to kill the cells and stop their growth

Prostate Cancer Treatment Decision Guide

Prostate cancer is cancer of a gland of the male reproductive system situated just below the urinary bladder. This cancer usually occurs in elderly males. The prostate cancer treatment decision guide will serve as a good referral for the conventional and newer treatment options available.

Steroid Taper in Asthma Treatment

Steroids are important drugs in the management of asthma which is an inflammatory disease of the airways. Steroid taper in asthma forms an integral part of the management. Steroids should not be abruptly stopped but gradually tapered off so as to prevent rebound attacks.

IgE Mediated Asthma : An Overview

IgE mediated asthma is an asthma in which IgE antibodies are produced against various allergens like pet dander and house dust mites. Stress and weather changes can also provoke an attack. Oxygen and cardiorespiratory support is given during acute attacks. Long term followup is essential for prevent

Fetal Surgery for Spina bifida: A Birth Defect

Spina bifida is a birth defect that occurs in 1-2 per 1000 pregnancies. It is characterized by an open defect in the spinal column. It causes neurological defects in the child. Spina bifida fetal surgery attempts to correct this defect when the baby is in the mother’s womb.