Sandi Johnson

Rett Syndrome Stages: A Complete Guide

Rett Syndrome is a rare form of Pervasive Developmental Disorder that mostly affects girls. Rett Syndrome stages are not absolute, but they are predictable to an extent. Learn about the four characteristic stages of this disorder here.

Examples and Benefits of Autism Therapy Toys

Autism therapy toys are useful tools in a variety of settings, from occupational therapy to social skills development. Parents can use such therapy toys to help reinforce learning. Read more to discover the many benefits of therapeutic toys for children on the autism spectrum.

Effective PDD Medications

Research and statistical data indicates the use of PDD medications is beneficial in managing troublesome symptoms and common comorbid disorders. While effectiveness varies, the following article outlines the most commonly prescribed medications for PDD-related symptoms.

Usefulness of Zoloft, Asperger’s Benefits

In terms of the effectiveness of SSRIs such as Zoloft, Asperger’s syndrome (AS) patients experience different levels of relief from symptoms. Primarily used to treat depression or anxiety, Zoloft can help some AS patients by reducing social anxiety, repetitive behaviors, and other symptoms.