Jason C. Chavis

Learn About the History of Recombinant DNA Technology

Throughout the history of recombinant DNA technology, the quest to isolate a usable restrictive enzyme that could cleave genes from DNA was one of the most important steps. Once this was identified, the actual process of creating a bacteria with the genes of another organism developed quickly.

Health Care Data Security

The medical industry faces increased challenges over the next few years regarding health care data security. Since so much of the information about patients and health delivery systems is linked between computers and available to many hospitals, the potential for data leakage is ever-present.

Is ADHD Genetic? New Facts Question the Relation

Is ADHD Genetic? According to research there is a strong link between ADHD and genetics. Studies show an influence by one or more genes play a significant role in the onset of ADHD, particularly in children. By identifying these genes, scientists hope to make progress in treatment and maybe a cure.

When Was Diabetes First Identified?

When was diabetes first discovered? The process of discovering diabetes and diabetes treatment took thousands of years to come to modern fruition. A number of different individuals have a place in the history of diabetes from ancient times to as recent as the late 20th century.