Cheryl Gabbert

Keeping Baby Warm During Winter Workouts

You really want to stick with your winter workouts, but the air is a little chilly for your little one and there’s no sitter. No problem. With a little extra planning, your little one can stay cozy in your jogging stroller this winter, and you can get in that much needed workout.

Is Whole Fruit Better Than Fruit Juice?

If you’re tempted to head to the juice aisle instead of the produce department to fulfill your daily fruit requirements, you might want to stop that cart for a second. First, are you buying 100% fruit juice, or merely a sugary drink? Is fruit juice as good as the whole fruit? Read on and find out

Safe Walking in Winter Weather

When the weather outside is frightful, are you stuck inside or can you brave the cold and head on out for an outdoor walking workout? Why not get out there and do it? Just make sure you’re armed with a little knowledge on how to safely tread your way through those less than favorable conditions.

Workout Wear For Outdoor Winter Workouts

Outdoor activities can be a fun way to keep in shape throughout the winter, but only if you’re dressed well for the weather. It can quickly become unpleasant if you’ve over or under dressed, and you might even find yourself in trouble in some instances. Here’s the best workout wear for winter.

Try A Ballet Workout

I grew up dreaming of being a ballerina. The beautiful costumes and the Nutcracker were mesmerizing to me as a child. Now that I’m an adult looking for a new fitness quest, I find myself looking back to my younger days, and once thinking of ballet. This time I’m dreaming of a ballet workout.

Why You Should Stick to Your Winter Workout

When the weather outside is frightful, sometimes it’s tempting to just forget that afternoon trip to the gym. Before long, workouts are a thing of the past…well, at least a thing of last fall. We all need a little encouragement to keep us going, so here are 5 reasons to stick it out this winter.

Healthy Snacks For Children

Kids love to snack. As a matter of fact, most kids snack more than they eat meals. Little stomachs are actually better equipped to eat small amounts of food through the day. The trick is finding healthy snacks for children. These snacks provide both kid appeal and nutrition.