Cheryl Gabbert

Healthy Fast Food Breakfast Choices

Finding healthy fast food breakfast choices on the go is not an easy thing. Fast food breakfasts can easily pile on the fat and calories of nearly a whole day’s worth of food. Here’s how to make better breakfast choices.

The Toughest Home Cardio Workouts

Looking for home cardio workouts that are intensely effective in just 30 minutes? The following workouts are highly intensive and extremely effective. If you’re a cardio maniac, be sure to give these intense home cardio workouts a try.

Great Exercises for Obesity

If you’re overweight, you might wonder if you’re too far gone to even think of exercise. The answer is no way! You can start an exercise program at your level, no matter what that might be. Here are some great exercises for fighting obesity.

Chronic Dehydration and the Allergy Connection

Chronic dehydration is a huge cause of many illnesses, but it’s usually overlooked by physicians. Instead of prescribing water, doctors frequently put patients on medicines that can only hope to manage symptoms. Allergies are one of the illnesses that are frequently caused by chronic dehydration.

King Corn Documentary: A Review

If you’re interested in finding out more about the processed foods that are such a large part of the western diet, you’ll want to hear about the King Corn documentary film. This film follows two men on a quest to see why their hair contained corn when analyzed.

Food Allergies and Behavior Problems in Children

Food allergies are on the rise in both adults and children. One of the many symptoms of food allergies in children is a negative change in behavior. If your child becomes easily irritated and has ADHD symptoms or notable excitability, you will definitely want to read this article.

Uncover Your Food Allergies with an Allergy Elimination Diet

Sometimes uncovering specific food allergies can be difficult. Not everyone reacts immediately after eating a food, so common food allergies can be missed. Here’s where the allergy elimination diet comes in. If you’re having difficulty finding that food allergy, try an allergy elimination diet.

Natural Sweeteners – Top 5 Sugar Alternatives

If you are trying to eat a healthier, more natural diet, you will want to know what natural sweeteners are available. Here’s a sampling of five great choices if you’re looking to sweeten your diet the natural way. Some are low cal, and some are not, but all provide good sugar alternatives.

How to Eat a High Fiber Gluten Free Diet

If you’re on a gluten free diet, you are unable to eat whole grain wheat products. High fiber diets can be a little more challenging when you’re gluten free, but it can be done. You can eat gluten free and still get plenty of fiber from other sources than whole wheat.

Corn Allergies: How to Live with a Corn Allergy

If you suffer from a corn allergy, you already know how difficult it can be to live with. Corn is absolutely in everything! From eating out to family gatherings and grocery shopping, a corn allergy is one of the most challenging of all food allergies. Here’s how to handle a corn allergy.