Cheryl Gabbert

Jamba Juice :Nutrition Information

Love Jamba Juice, but need some help choosing a healthy drink? There are tons of combinations of both cold and hot drinks available from Jamba Juice. Nutrition is another story, since some drinks serve up as much as nearly 100 grams of sugar! Find out which ones are the best choices.

The Best Diet for Pear Shaped Women

Are you an apple or a pear? If you’re concerned with the size of your hips, butt, and thighs, you’re probably a pear shape. Here are some eating tips that are specific for pear shaped women. If you’re looking for a diet for pear shaped women, you should keep reading.

High Carbohydrate Food List

There is buzz that’s been going on about carbs. High carb diets are out and low carb is in. Now, it’s all about whether the carbs are good or bad. All of this can be pretty confusing. Here’s a high carbohydrate food list that will identify the good and bad high carb foods to help with dieting.

The Health Benefits of Saffron Oil

What does saffron bring to the table other than a tasty treat for our palate? Saffron oil can actually be good for our overall health and well being. The benefits of saffron oil are wide ranging. Here you’ll find out how saffron oil can be good for your health.

Lose Weight: Exercise Techniques and How Tos

If you want to lose weight, you need to exercise. Sure, you can do it with diet alone, but for lasting results and a faster metabolism, exercise is the way to go. To lose weight, exercise techniques and tips like these can’t be missed!

How to Find the Best Workout Videos for Women

I love the convenience of popping in a video for a quick and effective workout. There are literally thousands of women’s workout videos to choose from. This article will sort through them all and let you know which are some of the best workout videos for women on the market today.