Russian Kettlebell Rehabilitation

Millions of Americans suffer from debilitating pain and injury that leaves them looking for ways to find a way back to restorative health. By the use of Russian kettlebell training, you are able to increase range of motion, build a stronger body, and learn proper body alignment.

Learn How To Do More Pull Ups

If you are one of the many who have a hard time getting more reps in when doing pull ups, or would like to be able to do even one pull up, then look no further. Here is your comprehensive guide on how to do more pull ups.

A Diabetic Food Grocery List

As one of the major diseases fought by nearly 24 million Americans, type II diabetes (otherwise known as adult-onset diabetes), can be treated by a healthy diet. Here you will find a diabetic food grocery list with the best options to help you win the battle against this insulin-robbing killer.

Increase Your Strength and Endurance in Sports

Do you enjoy participating in a certain weekend sport or belong to a team, but wish you could play better? Learn about some beneficial ways to sharpen your skills and increase speed, endurance and power, enabling you to last until the game is over and maybe even win!

Benefits of Ballet as Exercise

If you’ve ever seen a professional ballet performance, I’m sure you’ve noticed and admired the body most ballerinas (whether female or male) have. After years of training they develop long flowing lines, and lean, tight muscles many of us desire. But there are also other benefits, too.

HIIT Training for Intense Fat-Loss Workouts

You may have heard about this type of exercise before and thought it sounds scary or too difficult to do. But in reality, it is simply the best, most time-saving way of working out-not to mention it’s many health benefits. If you’re ready to burn that fat a whole lot faster, read on.