Water Dumbbell Exercises to Improve Strength

Exercise while submerged in water can be extremely beneficial to getting in shape and building strength. Not just basic laps in the pool, but utilizing the full resistance of water, almost anyone can use these water dumbbell exercises to improve strength, as well as their flexibility.

How to Calories the Efficient Way

Burning calories is key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Learn the very best way to burn calories, and maximize time with training and living, as well as helpful tips to implement into your lifestyle for added calorie burn.

Low Calorie Lunch Ideas: The Healthy Way

For the person who likes to eat light during the day, here are a few scrumptious low calorie lunch ideas that keep a person’s waistline and budget light as well. Find choices for both make at home, and take-out that will fit anyone’s schedule.

The Best Children’s Winter Snack Ideas

With all the sweet treats of winter surrounding us, it becomes more important to have healthy and easy-to-prepare snacks for the kids. Here are some delicious children’s winter snack ideas to keep them going strong during the season’s festivities.

Healthy Snacks for Senior Citizens

Many older adults are taking the time to maintain a healthy lifestyle through better eating habits and being more active. Here is a list of healthy snacks for senior citizens that will positively impact their health and meet their dietary needs.

How Healthy Are Lean Cuisine Frozen Dinners?

You see them in the supermarket; the frozen food isle is full of them. From Lean Cuisine to Healthy Choice, these diet dinners are convenient and easy for the on-the-go dieter, who is health conscious and wants to keep their weight under control. but just how healthy are Lean Cuisine frozen dinners.

List of Foods Containing Vitamin K

Need a list of foods containing vitamin K? This fat-soluble vitamin is vital to clotting of the blood. If you find you have a deficiency of vitamin K, here is your most valuable source for a complete list of foods to help supplement the vitamin in your diet naturally.