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Drying Mushrooms For a Longer Shelf Life

Some cultures, mainly in the East, cultivate mushrooms for their medicinal qualities. In other countries, mushrooms are a tasty addition to many dishes. Mushrooms have a very short shelf life and can become rotten very quickly. Drying mushrooms can significantly extend their shelf life.

Natural Treatment for Cushing’s Disease

Cushing’s disease is a rare condition which is caused by the over production of the hormone cortisol. The disease occurs in both humans and animals such as dogs and horses. Natural treatment for Cushing’s disease is available. Read more to find out about different natural treatments.

Home Remedy for Seborrheic Keratosis

The use of a home remedy for seborrheic keratosis can be applied in different methods. This skin condition resembles skin tags or moles and is usually passed down in the family. Read more to find out about the symptoms of seborrheic keratosis and how to treat it at home.

Learn How to Cook Brown Rice

How to cook brown rice depends on your taste but there is a specific way to cook the rice itself which is quite different from regular white rice. Brown rice is healthy, nutritious and packed with rich fiber, vitamins and nutrients.

Alternative Treatments: Cervical Cancer

Many people turn to alternative treatments for cervical cancer when conventional medicine fails to address their problems successfully. Learn what natural treatments are used, including nutrition, herbs and supplements.