Donna Clarke

Nutrition of Capers

We’re all trying to eat healthier. Incorporating new and exciting, nutritious foods can be a fun way toward a healthier and more flavorful diet. Have you ever considered capers? What is the nutrition of capers? Where do they come from? What are they?

Healthy Sukkot Meals

The Jewish holiday of Sukkot is filled with joy, fun and food. After all, it is the celebration of the harvest. Eating healthy Sukkot meals while still enjoying the holiday can sometimes be a challenge, but it no longer needs to be.

Lean How to Cook Navy Beans

Filled with vitamins and minerals, navy beans are a must for any healthy diet. Knowing how to cook navy beans without adding unwanted fat and calories, and not sacrificing flavor, may seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

Vegetarian Rosh Hashanah Meal

Rosh Hashanah is a time of joyous reflection and deep introspection surrounded by family and friends. It is a time to enjoy a beautifully decorated table and traditional Rosh Hashanah meal. Put a twist on the traditional with a vegetarian Rosh Hashanah meal that is healthy and flavorful.

How to Cook Tuna Steaks

Hectic schedules make it hard to serve delicious, nutritious meals quickly and easily. With work, school, and family, by the time it is dinner all you want is something quick, easy, and delicious. Ever consider tuna? Knowing how to cook tuna steaks is the first step to fantastic dinner

Softball Conditioning Drills to Help Improve your Game

In order to be an effective softball player, one needs to master the basic drills and conditioning techniques that will provide the greatest benefit. Don’t waste time or energy. Target softball conditioning drills that will provide the greatest benefit to you, and your team.

Calories Burned Playing Basketball

Basketball is a fast paced, action filled game. But have you ever wondered about exactly how effective a workout you get playing basketball? Are calories burned playing basketball higher than other activities? How many calories are burned playing basketball? The answers are clear.

Tennis Drills to do Without a Court

Tennis is great to watch and fun to play. But what if you love to play, and don’t have a court near you? How do you keep up your skills? By learning what tennis drills to do without a court. Simple and fun, these drills will keep you on your game.

Answering the Question: What Contains Gluten?

If you have recently been instructed by your doctor to avoid gluten you’ve probably thought: “What is gluten?” “What contains gluten?” “What nutrients will I be missing by avoiding gluten?” It is easier than you think to find and avoid gluten. It just takes a little knowledge, and patience.

List of Exercises to Improve Balance in Ballet

Ballet is a dance of self discipline requiring commitment, dedication, patience and practice. Key to the dancer’s success is outstanding balance. Whether a new student or seasoned dancer, this article offers exercises to improve balance in ballet and gain greater ability and improved technique.

Types of Stretching

In any exercise regimen, stretching is beneficial to success. Understanding which style of stretch is best perform and how they benefit the body is equally as important. Knowing the types of stretching techniques and which one will work best for you is the key to stretching success.