Treat Hay Fever Symptoms with Acupressure

You cannot cure allergies like hay fever with acupressure because the underlying cause, an allergen, will always exist. However, you can treat hay fever symptoms with acupressure to relieve the worst problems. The pressure points identified in this article are most likely to bring quick improvement.

Learn about Current Recommendations on Barrett’s Surveillance

Cases of esophageal cancer developing from a premalignant condition called Barrett’s Esophagus are rare. However, survival of advanced esophageal malignancy is very low, justifying surveillance. Current recommendations on Barrett’s surveillance depend on how far cellular changes have progressed.

New Treatments & Drugs for Gout Flare-ups

By early 2010, current research in treating gout flare-ups was under way in clinical trials in a number of centers. If you are suffering from severe exacerbations of gout, talking to your doctor about some of these investigatory drugs or perhaps enrolling in one of the trials may prove beneficial.

Learn about Homeopathic Cures for Necrobiosis Lipoidica

This skin condition is very difficult to treat with standard medical approaches. Practitioners of homeopathy suggest several homeopathic cures for necrobiosis lipoidica. However, an extensive search of medical and alternative medicine literature has not found documented cures using homeopathy.