Sylvie Colette

Brachytherapy Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer refers to the growth of malignant prostate glandular cells in the prostate gland. A malignancy means surrounding tissues can be destroyed and will continue to spread. Doctors recommend brachytherapy treatment for prostate cancer due to its high success rate.

Important Exercises for Basketball Players

There are many ways how exercises for basketball players help bag trophies. What is important at the outset is to have a credible training program. Only qualified trainers can really show how exercises for basketball players help win games consistently.

Effective List of Ballet Moves to do at Home

When you need an effective exercise routine, consider this list of ballet fitness moves to do at home. Ballet dancers are toned and strong. Their lean look comes from focused moves that work from the inside out. Try this set and see what ballet can do for you.

Basic Tips and Exercises to Improve Ballet Pirouettes

Pirouette is French for “spinning top.” Simply spinning is not enough, learn how to spin with grace and control. Discover tips and exercises to improve ballet pirouettes in this article. Proper warm ups are extremely important, as is mastering the basics and developing a strong core.

Know What to Wear Canoeing in the Early Spring

Be prepared when planning what to wear canoeing in the early spring. If you bring too little then you could be cold. If you bring too much, then weight and storage become an issue. The forecast is only one factor when considering what to bring on the trip.

Fun Shooting Drills for Soccer Teams

Teaching the fundamentals of soccer is often the main focus of practice. Kids need to know how to dribble, pass, and the positions of the game. Shooting drills for soccer are a fun part of practice. Setting aside time to let the team shoot on goal is important and will pay off in a game situation.