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Learn How to Eat Raw Food for Weight Loss

Raw food can help you lose weight without feeling deprived or depressed. Learn how to eat raw food for weight loss and you will be filling your body with the nutrients it needs, while your body naturally sheds excess weight.

Ideas for Planning a Hula Hoop Exercise Program

A hula hoop exercise program can provide a low intensity workout that gets results. The variety of hoops and exercises can be customized to your particular needs. Join a hoopdance group at a local fitness center, or prepare your own in-home routine that will remind you of being a child again.

List of Fad Diets that Work

When used correctly as a jump-start to a lifestyle change, there are some fad diets that work. The key is to look at them as a short-term tool, rather than a long-term solution to a weight problem.

Blood Type Food List for Different Types

Eating according to your blood type has other benefits aside from weight loss. According to Dr. Peter DÁdamo, the author of “Eat Right For Your Type,” your blood type determines the way your body processes food. Read on for a blood type food list.

Easy South Beach Diet Tips

Follow these tips to help you make smart choices in order to keep yourself from feeling deprived, while keeping with the program until you see the results you desire.

The Thrive Diet Meal Plan Overview

The Thrive diet meal plan is a comprehensive lifestyle change that will optimize health and wellness. Following the strict vegan plan can be difficult at first but will produce numerous benefits in a short amount of time.

Information about Causes of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

It is not clear what the exact causes of inflammatory breast cancer are. What doctors do know is that it grows quickly and is very aggressive; at diagnosis it is often considered to be at least stage III. Learn the signs and symptoms of IBC, inflammatory breast cancer in this article.

Where Does Skin Cancer Occur?

Learn where does skin cancer occur in this article. Sun is not the only factor. Did you know you can find skin cancer on skin that rarely or ever gets sun, including the genitals. There are different forms of skin cancer with a wide variety of signs and symptoms.