What Foods Contain Salmonella?

You may think you know the main foods that can carry the salmonella bacteria, but there may be some that don’t come to mind. This article may help enlighten you on the top 5 foods with salmonella and how you can protect yourself against salmonella poisoning.

Salmonella and Eggs – Tips to Prevent Food Poisoning

How can you protect yourself from the salmonella bacteria in raw eggs? Cook them! If you cook your eggs you are more likely to enjoy them then to get sick from them. Raw eggs can really make you sick, but if they are eaten correctly should be a great food source.

Fit Your Trainer in Your Budget

So you want a trainer to help you with your fitness routine, but you do not want to spend a lot of money on it. How can you have a personal trainer meet your budget demands? There are ways to find a quality personal trainer that will fit within your budget.

Belly Dance Steps for Beginners

If the daily workout doesn’t seem to excite you then why not try to spice it up a little bit with belly dancing? The great thing is you do not even have to pay a lot of money for a class because you can buy a dvd and have your own private class in your living room.

Slim-Fast: Diet Review

Slim-Fast has been around for a long time, but does it really work? Can Slim-Fast really help a person lose weight and keep it off the healthy way?

The Truth Behind Eggs

Eggs have been constantly argued to being good for you and being bad for you. It seems like eggs have been ridiculed and praised throughout the years, but what is the truth behind them?