Zumba Fitness for Seniors

What is Zumba, and how can it benefit seniors? Get the answer to this question and learn about different workout routines you can participate in to help you stay healthy. Figure out which type of Zumba is right for you and how it can be a fun way for you to stay fit.

Neck Stretching Exercises

Do you want to get rid of your pain in the neck? Discover simple ways you can relieve neck tension and keep muscles flexible to avoid neck injuries. Review neck stretching exercises you can do at home, at the office or on the road.

Flexibility for Cyclists

Does cycling require flexibility? Explore ways in which maintaining agility can help you before, during and after bike rides. Consider including stretching routines in weekly cross-training workouts to improve flexibility for cyclists.

Cardio Kickbox Routine

Review basic kickboxing moves to develop your own cardio kickbox routine. Think about adding jab, cross and hook punches to your choreography for arm work. Consider the intensity of low-kick and knee jab movements for a lower-body workout.

Pilates Mat Class Calories Burned

Although a pilates mat class primarily involves stretching and strengthening exercises, it can also help you increase endurance. Higher intensity pilates workouts can burn the same amount of calories as fit-walking or aerobics. Discover pilates mat class calories burned at any fitness level.

Core Workouts for Marathoners

Core support is essential for marathon runners. Flexible and strong core muscles help marathoners avoid injury and perform more effectively. Many holistic forms of exercise, such as yoga, tai chi and Pilates provide the best core workouts for marathoners.

Free Pilates Exercise Programs For the Home

Discover a free Pilates exercise program for the home, the office or hotel stays while traveling. Relieve stress and avoid injuries by staying fit and flexible with pilates routines. Explore numerous free pilates routines for beginner, as well as intermediate and advanced participants.