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Healthy Twin Pregnancy: Eating for Three!

Being pregnant with twins automatically categorizes you as high-risk, but does not mean there will be problems. Observing healthy eating when pregnant with twins can help you go through this wonderful experience without any mishaps.

What Foods Can You Eat on the Zone Diet?

Athletes and celebrities have patronized the Zone diet since 1992. So what foods can you eat on the zone diet? Would you believe that all foods are allowed in the Zone diet? No food is “bad” — overindulgence is bad, but not the food. Read on to find out more about the Zone diet.

Understanding Food Cravings in Pregnant Women

Food cravings in pregnant women is an interesting phenomenon. Some believe this is due to hormonal change, while others think women just want some TLC (tender loving care.) The definite reason may remain a mystery but knowing what they want and why they want it may help in dealing with this issue.

Effects of Eating Spicy Food When Pregnant

Many aspects affect eating behaviors; health status, available foods, social environments, and individual want and needs of expectant mothers. Some people just can’t help craving and eating spicy food when pregnant. So, is it safe?