OCPD and Hoarding Food: 5 Ways to Stop Food Hoarding

One of the symptoms of OCPD is hoarding things, or saving worn-out or useless objects when they have no sentimental or monetary value. It stems from the fear that certain objects or food cannot be let go of because they might be needed in the future. But there are ways OCPD people can stop hoarding.

Panic Attacks in a Teenager

Panic attacks are common in teenagers, but there are many ways to cope with them, from psychotherapy to relaxation techniques and medication. There are a number of ways to help yourself avoid having them and handle them when you do.

Jobs Where OCD Is Helpful

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a troubling anxiety disorder consisting of obsessions and ritualistic compulsions to try to “fix” those. People with OCD often have high standards and are perfectionistic. Jobs where OCD is helpful are covered in this article.

Learn about Over the Counter Drugs During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy drugs are powerful agents which destroy cancer cells. They can react with over the counter medications, prescription drugs, herbs, nutritional supplements, and foods containing caffeine or alcohol. Find out how to avoid the negative effects of over the counter drugs during chemotherapy.

Insight into Adult ADHD and Depression

Since adult ADHD and depression often occur together, the question of which comes first may be relevant to ask. ADHD often goes undiagnosed in childhood and the continual frustration of trying to cope without understanding it could be a cause for depression.

Attention Deficit Disorder and Gender Differences

The symptoms of ADHD often manifest differently in boys and girls. Consequently many girls are undiagnosed and untreated until adulthood. By then they have often developed other problems, including low self-esteem, making the ADHD more difficult to treat.

The Warning Signs of Depression During Pregnancy

The image of a woman vibrant with the glow of pregnancy, feeling and looking her best, contrasts with the sadness and loss of pleasure some women experience during this time. The warning signs, triggers, who is at risk, and treatment options are covered in this article.

Definition of Situational Depressiion

Situational depression, unlike clinical depression or dysthymia, has an easily identifiable external trigger and only lasts a few months. It is very common among all age groups and sexes, and may occur more often when people are going through life transition phases.