Genevieve Van Wyden

What Are Some Healthy Graduation Party Food Ideas?

Beef patties, hot dogs, potato salad made using mayonnaise, chip dips made with sour cream – or burgers made with ground turkey, brisket, grilled fajitas, mini-club sandwiches, salsa or guacamole and tostada chips, fruit salads and vegetable dippers? The healthier food is just as tasty.

ADHD Every Day: An ADHD Case Study

If my son were to be enrolled in an ADHD case study, it would be for one where participants are not taking an ADHD medication. I’m going to be watching, encouraging, reminding and pushing him for longer than I did his big brother. Every day is a new learning experience.

Tell Me More About ADD Inattention

“Reeves, you missed the information about today’s staff meeting, didn’t you?” As Reeves hears this question, he tries to think back–when was the staff meeting announced–and how could he have missed that news, yet again? Reeves contends with adult ADD inattention on a daily basis.

Can Sage Brush Make Asthma Worse?

Parents ask their child’s allergy doctors, “Can sage brush make asthma worse?” If the child develops seasonal allergies to various pollens, he can be sensitive to sage brush. In addition, if the child has asthma, the sage brush can exacerbate his symptoms.

What is the ADHD Prognosis for My Child?

Parents want a good ADHD prognosis for their child, once they receive a definite diagnosis. Seeing the child struggle with relationships at home, in the neighborhood and in school is not easy. Schoolwork is sometimes another struggle. Treatment is key.

The Symptoms of ADHD in Young Adults

Are the symptoms of ADHD in young adults the same as or different from the symptoms observed in a child? The young adult has college, family and work to deal with, along with figuring out how to interact with others in a way that benefits everybody. This may not always be easy.

About Asthma and Post Nasal Drip

How does asthma connect to post-nasal drip? That icky, drippy sensation of nasal secretions dripping down your throat is very uncomfortable. Add an asthma attack to that and you’re feeling even worse. There is a connection between asthma and post-nasal drip.

What is the Syndrome of Constant Vomiting in Children?

Young children who suddenly start vomiting with few symptoms of illness may be suffering from Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. This syndrome of constant vomiting in children may be connected with migraine headaches in some cases. Children do outgrow this condition as they enter their teen years.