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Overcoming The Difficulties of Autism Spectrum Disorders

As a mother of an autistic child, I understand some of the difficulties of autism spectrum disorders. There are specific things that each of us can do to get through the challenges and come out on top. I’ll share with you some difficulties autistics go through, and how my family dealt with them.

Do I Have a Phobia?

If you’ve ever felt dizzy, sweaty and struggled to get your breath but don’t know why, you may be wondering, “Do I have a phobia?”

The Symptoms of Panic Disorders

If you have ever felt panic, you may have asked yourself ,”what’s wrong with me”? The symptoms of panic disorders can be very scary and debilitating. The author’s first hand experience of panic, and how she dealt with it, provides insight into hope of recovery.

Emetophobia in Children-How to Deal with it

The fear of throwing up can be hard on a child as well as the caregiver. Emetophobia in children needs special attention and care in dealing with it. Fears and phobias are real and can be overcome with love and patience. Let’s examine some ways to help a child deal with Emetophobia.