Anurag Ghosh

What are the Side Effects of Too Much Niacin?

While niacin is one of the most important B vitamins essential for our body, too much niacin can be the main cause of allergies, irregular heartbeats, nausea and face flushing condition. Hence, it is very important to know the side effects of too much niacin to avoid over consumption of niacin suppl

Healthy Diet Tips to Lower Triglycerides

A simple lipid panel test can help you test whether your triglycerides levels are normal or high. If high, then it’s time you switch to low-fat healthy foods to combat this unhealthy condition. Here are some healthy tips that can help you keep these fatty molecules at bay.

Top 10 Strange Food Facts

You may be surprised to know that 7-Up was first introduced as a mood stabilizer, or that over 50 chemicals are used to recreate the “natural” strawberry flavor. Here are some more interesting food facts.