Adult ADHD

Adults can be diagnosed with ADHD as well, even if they were never diagnosed as a child. Symptoms of ADHD in adults can include an inability to focus on work, friends or conversations, being distracted easily, and inability to complete tasks among others. Find out more about adult ADHD, check your symptoms, learn about treatment methods available and how to help friends and family diagnosed with adult ADHD.

Adult ADHD Ritalin Treatment Pros and Cons

Ritalin is one of the medications used for children with ADHD that seems to help adults with ADHD. As with children, the stimulant effects help the adults improve their ability to focus, concentrate, and resist distractions. For adults with ADHD, Ritalin may be one of a constellation of therapies.

Adult ADHD Relationships and Their Impact

“He never listens to me.” “She’d walk by a fire burning on the stove, she’s so absentminded.” These descriptions could describe people who just don’t pay attention –– or they may describe an adult ADHD relationship. This article offers real-life tips about living in an adult ADHD relationship.

Adult ADHD Symptoms Checklist

An adult ADHD symptoms checklist can help to identify whether or not a person has ADHD. The checklist gives a general picture of a person’s well-being. The key factors for ADHD diagnosis is how many symptoms a person has and the impact on their life.

Adult ADHD Anger and Staying Calm

Adult ADHD anger seems to be a given when an adult suffers from attention deficits. A number of different factors stimulate frustration and anger in the adult with ADHD, but they can learn to keep their cool in these difficult moments.

What is adult ADHD?

Adult ADHD is a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes a person to have trouble with executive function. Symptoms include inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. In this article you will find out more about exactly what is adult ADHD.

What are the Signs of Adult ADHD?

What are the signs of Adult ADHD? Inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness are the most common signs. A person may or may not have hyperactivity, but anyone with ADHD will have trouble focusing, be disorganized, and will find starting or finishing projects difficult.

Is ADHD a Real Problem?

Is ADHD a real problem? It is only a problem if it is a problem, or if it affects your life. The condition of ADHD is real, but there are some who question whether it should be viewed in a negative light. ADHD people have trouble paying attention, but they also tend to be more creative.

Attention Deficit Disorder and How it Affects Daily Living

Attention deficit disorder is a neurological condition that impacts a person’s ability to pay attention in school or at work. It makes it easier for momentary distractions to sidetrack them as they go about their day and they find it more difficult to resist impulsive, possibly dangerous behaviors.