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  • Spotlight on Adult ADD Inattention
    “Reeves, you missed the information about today’s staff meeting, didn’t you?” As Reeves hears this question, he tries to think back--when was the staff meeting announced--and how could he have missed that news, yet again? Reeves contends with adult ADD inattention on a daily basis.
  • ADHD and Mood Disorders
    Children who experience periods of hyperactivity, mood swings, and irritability may suffer from ADHD mood disorders. How intense is the child’s mood? Do the moods come and go with no apparent connection to what is happening in the child’s life? Are the moods consistent or episodic?
  • A Definition of ADHD
    What is ADHD? To define ADHD is to understand a condition that brings with it serious symptoms that can effect not only personal relationships, but also careers.
  • Is there a Link Between ADHD and Video Game Addiction?
    A variety of studies have been conducted exploring the nature of video game addiction. This article examines that research and attempts to answer the question "Is ADHD linked to video games?"
  • Living with Adult ADHD: Top Tips on How to Cope
    Life after childhood for those with ADHD can be a mix of challenge and frustration. There are some helpful hints that can help ease the stress and confusion of living with adult ADHD.
  • A Definition of Attention Deficit Disorder
    Despite the fact that between three and ten percent of the entire population is affected by ADD, it is a commonly misunderstood condition. Learn about the definition of attention deficit disorder and how it is used to diagnose patients.
  • The Facts about Attention Deficit Disorder in Children
    Since there tends to be some popular misconceptions and myths regarding attention deficit disorder in children, establishing a list of the solid facts concerning what we do know is certainly helpful. Here, we’ll give you the most salient facts to help you better understand ADHD.
  • Facts about Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults
    Want to know more about attention deficit disorder in adults? Read on to find out some compelling facts about how the disorder affects adults and what can be done about it.
  • Essential Facts about Adult ADD
    Compelling facts about adult ADD can be of great use to someone who suspects that they have it, to a person recently diagnosed, or for the compassionate folks desiring to better understand the condition because a loved one is struggling with it. No matter the reason, here are the salient facts.
  • ADHD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    The ADHD obsessive compulsive disorder relationship is certainly worthy of noting and of particular interest to anyone who has been diagnosed or is wondering whether they have one or both. Here, we’ll differentiate the two mental disorders and explore where they might overlap.
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