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  • Spotlight on the Symptoms of ADD
    ADD is associated with failure to pay attention, maintain focus, and successfully complete given tasks. An ADD diagnosis requires that at least six out of nine symptoms must be present for at least six months.
  • Attention Deficit and Work
    Deficits in attention can affect problem solving, memory, planning and organisation and time management. This article on attention deficit and work looks at how inattention can lead to poor work performance.
  • List of the Symptoms of ADHD in Young Adults
    Are the symptoms of ADHD in young adults the same as or different from the symptoms observed in a child? The young adult has college, family and work to deal with, along with figuring out how to interact with others in a way that benefits everybody. This may not always be easy.
  • What are the Characteristics of Attention Deficit Disorder?
    Knowing the characteristics of attention deficit disorder will be extremely beneficial if you’re contending with it yourself or you just want to learn more because someone you care about is struggling with this neurobehavioral disorder. Therefore, we’ll discuss each salient attribute below.
  • ADHD Fidgeting: A Primer on Fidgeting Behaviors and ADHD
    ADHD fidgeting - excessive, persistent, and disruptive fidgeting behavior - can be difficult to assess. This is because it can also be a habit that is just dependent on a particular situation and nothing to do with a disorder. How can we tell the difference?
  • Do I Have ADHD?
    "Do I have ADHD?" If you find it hard to concentrate, are hyper and easily distracted you may well be asking yourself this question. Gain further insight into what may be troubling you with our ADHD checklist.
  • List of the Common Symptoms of ADHD
    Sorting through the most common symptoms of ADHD to familiarize yourself with the disorder does not have to be a difficult or time consuming process. Read on to see a list of the most common symptoms of ADHD.
  • ADHD and its Effects on the Family
    Attention deficit disorder can be difficult on children and families. This article discusses ADHD and the effects on families as well as ways to improve family functioning.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder in Girls
    While there is a commonly accepted list of symptoms for attention deficit disorder, girls with ADHD tend to present slightly different than boys. This article addresses the particular symptoms and most effective treatment options for girls with ADHD.
  • Insight into the Symptoms of Attention Deficit in Teenage Girls
    Do you need detailed information on the symptoms of attention deficit in teenage girls? If so, read on to learn what these are and how to identify them.
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