Effexor for OCD: Treating OCD When SSRIs Fail

Approximately 2 percent of the U.S. population has OCD. There is no cure for the disorder, but there are treatments. Unfortunately, there is not one treatment that works for every person. SSRIs are the preferred medications for OCD. If they fail to work, Effexor is another option.

How to Identify and Prepare Edible Wild Mushrooms

Edible wild mushrooms grow almost everywhere in the USA, with the Midwest and southern states offering the richest varieties. Most mushrooms appear in spring or fall. Mushroom hunting is a time-honored tradition in many rural areas, and a means to enjoy exotic food not found in supermarket shelves.

Ideas for Tasty Zero Carb Meals

A diet without carbohydrates causes the body to undergo ketosis, which is a process of using stored-up body fat to fuel the body’s energy needs. This makes a no carb or low carb diet popular with people who want to lose weight. Choosing the right ingredients allows for safe, tasty zero carb meals.

Fruit Pasteurization Time and Temperature Recommendations

Fruit pasteurization kills harmful microorganisms known to cause diseases such as tuberculosis, brucellosis, diphtheria, and scarlet fever. However, the process may also destroy some enzymes, pectin, and possibly beneficial microbes depending on the fruit pasteurization time and temperature applied.

Get to Know these Peanut Free Foods Brand Names

The most serious risk for a person with peanut allergy is baked goods. They may appear peanut-free but cross-contamination during the process of producing can be a possibility. It is best to go for peanut-free foods brand names that guarantee nut-free products made from their nut-free factories.