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Home-Based vs Gym Workouts

written by: Travis • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 1/25/2010

A home based fitness workout can be practical for many people, but others may have demands that only the social environment of a gym can offer. Decide which is best for you by reading this article.

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    Is Home Based Fitness for You?

    We have fond memories back in high school and college of using of the school gym whether for P.E. or during our free time. Now that you may be married with children, the question is “Would a home-based fitness workout make more sense for my lifestyle?”

    Suddenly, we begin to realize that we have to hit the gym, but for different reasons. What would be better - to set up a home based gym or join the local gym club?

    First of all, we have to decide based on our budget. Do you want to spend big initially and have no monthly dues, or start with a small cash outlay by paying membership fees and monthly dues?

    Let’s categorize the plus and minuses of home based fitness workout versus joining a club gym.

    Reasons People Work Out at Home:


    1. You can workout anytime. Sometimes a home-based fitness workout is best because when we are emotionally on a high, this is the best time to work out, and we get better results from our workout.
    2. No waiting in line for equipment. It sure beats trying waiting for the bench press when doing a combo super set.
    3. Saves time and fuel; no travel required which leaves you with more time to do other activities like taking care of the kids, working, resting, or doing chores.
    4. You can customize your equipment. Club gym equipment is never a perfect match for every individual.
    5. No monthly dues. You don’t feel like you just bought a car.


    1. There will be a relatively big cash outlay. However, you can always opt for installment plans.
    2. No social aspect. When you are on a home-based fitness workout, you’re on your own. You don’t have the luxury of a certified trainer beside you to guide you or design a specific program for your needs.

    Reasons People go to the Gym


    1. Lots of equipment to keep you happy.
    2. You can meet people to workout with and you will have certified trainers around.


    1. There are monthly dues and you can’t workout anytime you want.
    2. You have to travel to get to the gym

    As you see the upside and downsides have merits of its own. Your lifestyle is one very big factor in deciding if a home-based fitness workout is best for you.

    You have to ask yourself questions like, “Do I have time to run to the club? Who do I leave my kids with? Although there are no monthly dues, do I want to spend thousands of dollars initially? Who can I ask questions about my home based fitness workout? Do I need to socialize to motivate me to workout? How long before the equipment I buy becomes obsolete?”

    Assuming you choose a home-based fitness workout, which equipment do you buy? If you want the classic gym, and Arnold the Governor is your idol, then free weights is the ultimate set up.

    You will have to carry weights during training, but basic and simple equipment means it will be reliable. Basic equipment includes the treadmill, cycling, bench press, dumb bells, squat stand, Lat machine, and leg curls. For the sit up board, you can buy a work station machine that would have several functions and use less space than a classic gym. Before buying you have to decide on goals and objectives to make sure you get the right equipment.

    However, if your goal is to meet people or you need attention to motivate your workout, then the club gym is for you. In a nutshell, whether it’s a home based fitness workout or club gym what’s important is you’re exercising and enjoying the workout!